Our Story

We have two boys. When our oldest was 2.5 years old, he went through an extremely picky-eating stage. We were so concerned he wasn’t getting all of the nutrients he needed on a daily basis so we looked for better options.

He has always loved shakes so we looked for good nutritious shakes with no added sugar, good source of vitamins, minerals, and fiber but we couldn’t find anything. That is why we created NutriKid. It is a nutritious shake formulated by some of the most reputable doctors and nutritionists in the industry. It is extremely healthy and contains the daily nutrients kids need while tasting amazing! Our son LOVES these shakes. Every day he asks for his “shaky.”

We have shared the supplement facts for NutriKid with a lot of parents, and they can’t believe that there is no added sugar with all the nutrients kids need. They are even more blown away when their kids like how much it tastes. That started it all.

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