Make Your Kids’ Wellness Easy and Delightful

Our Super Greens build a strong immune system, optimal gut health, and balanced energy for your little ones.

A dynamic blend of 3 servings of vegetables and 3 servings of fruit in a single serving that kids find delicious.

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Kids Love nutrikid super greens

Even your picky kids will be obsessed

Each scoop contains the equivalent of three servings of vegetables and three servings of fruits, ensuring 100% of the recommended daily intake to support the immune system. Additionally, it includes 50 mg of digestive enzymes to break up food and absorb nutrients effectively. To further support digestive health, each serving offers 2 grams of prebiotics, promoting good gut health. This makes Nutrikid Super Greens an ideal choice for parents seeking to enrich their children's diet with essential nutrients.

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Conveniet Stick Packs

Our Kids Super Greens and Red powder come in a convenient stick packs! As busy parents you can throw the stick packs in their lunch box, or just for ease of mixing at home to reduce messes.

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Immune System Boost

0g of added sugar, digestive enzyme blend and loaded with over 19 fruits and veggies our reds and greens powder gives your little ones the immune boost to keep them healthier. To make the mix simply combine the powder with 8-10oz of water and mix well with a blender or shaker bottle.

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