What makes your product better than other products on the market?

NutriKid is especially designed for kids with their full nutrition in mind. It is unlike any nutritional shake on the market.

1️⃣0g of Added Sugar, Gluten, and Soy! (Because of the low glycemic level, it is a great product for those with diabetes)
2️⃣36 Essential Vitamins + Minerals - No additional multivitamins are needed when consuming NutriKid
3️⃣4.5 billion units of Probiotics - Strengthens the immune system
4️⃣5 Digestive Enzymes - Enables child to absorb more nutrients and improve gut health 
5️⃣Omega 3s – Essential for heart health and cognitive development
6️⃣10g of Protein. We use Grass-Fed Whey Protein- Builds strong bones, muscles, and organs

What is the age range for the product?

What is the difference between sugar and added sugar?

Is this a good product for children with Diabetes?

What is your return policy?